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Lisa Johnson - Coquille, Oregon
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Inspired Ink is the quietly known tattoo shop of custom tattooer Lisa Johnson. Owner and operating out of Coquille, Oregon - a small, quiet community located near Coos Bay on Highway 42.  Primarily sought out for her custom tattoos designed specifically for the wearer of the artwork.  Lisa believes respect and integrity for her clients is important.  And attention to detail has made an impact on her reputation.  She has tattooed clients from The Netherlands, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Portland, and everywhere in between.  As her clientel and networking grows with other highly respected artists, so does her success in the small town.  

You are invited to browse the Gallery of custom tattoo creations, fill out a tattoo request sheet, and view publications and videos of this talented artist.  Goto The FAQ )Frequently Asked Questions page to answer further questions you may have.

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